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Map sketch of my micro-kingdom, “The Grid”

After watching Jeff Orlowski’s The Social Dilemma, it made me wonder–what would our world look like if it became a reality? What kind of resistance would we get, what kind of possible utopian visions could this world generate? With all these questions, what better way to explore these ideas than through building an entire world with speculative design?

Craft Recipes for the structures you need to build with your team

Build, populate and maintain–these are the three stages of our game, VillageCraft. Those familiar with Mojang Studios’ Minecraft can see some similarities. Somewhat inspired by the concept of “crafting”VillageCraft adds a more collaborative and hands-on twist as it takes the form of a board game. However, what makes VillageCraft most unique is its shifting environment as players pick challenge cards (more on this later)–making the players’ face more obstacles or gain advantage in achieving their goal.

QuestHaven: Fantasy RPG-style app to help with managing and completing everyday tasks. (View Prototype)

As we go about our daily lives, work tends to pile up and fill our plate. Often, it can feel as if we have an endlessly growing list of things to-dos every day. For teens and young adults acquiring more life responsibilities, QuestHaven seeks to make the process of “adulting” more fun.


Managing and completing everyday tasks while balancing life responsibilities can be overwhelming or monotonous.

The Challenge: Design a tool or experience that helps teens and young adults complete everyday tasks in a fun, productive, and balanced way–all while engaging with friends & being part of a community.



Kyle A.

Designer, musician, dragon hunter. Sleeps with too many pillows.

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